Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Face Detection

Detects the existence multiple human faces in any image or video frame.

Age Estimation

Estimates human age based on facial features.

Underage Filtering

Detects underaged children.

Facial Coordinates

Provides the coordinates of each human face.

Face Tracking

Tracks the movement of particular human faces in a video stream.

Gender Recognition

Detects human gender: male or female or non-traditional.

Ethnicity Recognition

Detects human ethnicity: African, Arab, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Native American, Polynesian and White.

Facial Emotions

Detects human emotional state such as Sad, Angry, Afraid, Happy, Surprised, and Disgusted.

Pose Estimation

Detects the body position or orientation of a human.

Facial Hair

Detects the presence of human facial hair.


Detects faces with or without makeup.


Recognizes the faces of known celebrities.

Face Verification

Validates a given human face against a database of known humans.